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Hopeitz Software brings a new app named – Make My Wish True which assists its users in gaining a new frame of mind on earning their wishes through a meditation app. It includes a platform where you save your wish and initiate manifestation.

This app is a free-to-use meditation app that provides its users with the power of concentration.

They have been working on this app for the last 8 months to present their users with an exceptional app.

They intend to help those who feel demotivated by the amount of stress in their regular life. This free meditation app provides a way to fulfill their wishes through meditation with music.

Upon using this app, a user releases all the build-up stress and anxiety out of his system. It will enhance the positivity to strive towards the goal by relaxing the mind with music meditation.

Those who lack the positivity to keep working on their dream, Make My Wish will compel users to earn their wishes.

This app is now available on Google Play Store for all Android users.

Hopeitz Software Pvt. Ltd.

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