New-term Land and Development Advisory Committee holds its first meeting


     The Land and Development Advisory Committee held its first meeting today (August 31) since the commencement of its new term on July 1. Members were briefed by the Development Bureau on the Recommended Outline Development Plan under the Planning and Engineering Study (the Study) for the Development at Kowloon Bay Action Area (KBAA), as well as the Invigorating Island South Conceptual Master Plan (CMP) 1.0 covering the Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen and Ap Lei Chau areas.

     To release the development potential of the area, KBAA is proposed for comprehensive commercial developments, including office, retail, food and beverages, hotel, public open space and public transport uses. Members were briefed on the proposed land uses, development parameters, urban design considerations, walking environment, open space network, transport and traffic arrangements, as well as smart city proposals and the implementation arrangements, which were formulated taking into account public views received during public consultation. Members appreciated that the proposed development would bring vibrancy to the area, and provided comments on various aspects, such as the development mix having regard to the changing demand for commercial space and evolving needs of economic development, design of open space and pedestrian network, connectivity within the KBAA and with surrounding areas, and the need for creating vibrancy against the backdrop of Kowloon East growing as the second Central Business District for Hong Kong. The recommendations of the Study will be finalised taking into account Members’ view, and form the basis of the proposed amendments to the relevant Outline Zoning Plans to take forward the development.

     In addition, Members welcomed the Government’s effort in formulating the CMP to take forward the Invigorating Island South initiative announced in the 2020 Policy Address, and took note of the broad strategies, core ideas and proposals in the CMP. They generally agreed to the directions for enhancing connectivity and walkability, improving the urban environment, unleashing development potential, and enlivening the areas. Members recognised the areas had rich local historical and cultural resources as well as the great potential for developing the area into a prime recreation region (e.g. Ocean Park, Aberdeen Wholesale Fish Market, Jumbo Floating Restaurant and the long stretches of promenade), and highlighted the need to take these characteristics into account when taking forward the proposals in order to achieve the objectives of the Invigorating Island South initiative. Members also considered that local collaboration and community making should be promoted so as to provide new impetus to the areas, and a clear positioning of the area and effective branding strategies in due course would be conducive to garnering public support. Members looked forward to the timely implementation of the various projects to benefit the locals and visitors. The Government would take on board comments and suggestions received in the meeting, together with those from other stakeholders, for refining the CMP.