Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines, a hot tub, lap pool, and sauna dealer with showrooms in Clive, Carroll, and Arnolds Park shares – 3 Ways Couples Can Improve Romance.

“Couples who work on keeping things fresh and romantic in their lives have stronger, longer-lasting relationships,” says Jason Rounds, General Manager. Since August is designated as Romance Awareness Month, it’s a great time to remember to honor the loved ones in people’s lives and focus on sparking the flames of romance with their significant others.

Here are the three best ways to increase romance that anyone can do all year long.

Add a Hot Tub to the Yard to Increase the Romance at Home – Adding a hot tub to the yard is easy and requires very little maintenance. Hot tubs create a romantic atmosphere that both parties in a relationship can look forward to all day and enjoy at any time of the day all year long.

The warm water is relaxing and calming, making time with a loved one more romantic and easier. The massage jets work out tensions and help people enjoy each other’s company in a stress-free environment that isn’t easy to find in today’s world.

Add New Bedroom Dressings for a Fresh Feeling of Romance – New bedding is very attractive and makes people feel great about the bedroom, but it isn’t even necessary to always go out and buy new sheets and comforters. Of course, it’s nice once in a while, but simply changing out sheets or even the comforters for a fresh set is a great way to make the bedroom more romantic. Even if sheets or bedding are still clean, having a fresh set changed out will feel good and make the room feel more romantic.

Be Aware of What is Said – How people talk to each other can change over time. Early in a relationship, most people take great care in how they say things to not hurt or offend a potential partner. However, over the years, as a relationship continues, those attempts at care can get overshadowed by a busy life, familiarity, and just a generally complacent feeling. Still, great care should be taken to not only keep comments loving and without blame but to listen and hear what a partner is saying and needing at any point of a relationship.

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