Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Ruby Wight’s new #1 international best-selling book, “Resilient Heart: Unstable Home, an Unstable Marriage, and a Self-Made Life Beyond Pain.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, August 20th.

This is a tale of a life full of challenges. As an innocent child, Ruby endured physical abuse from the hands of her own mother and found solace in an invisible friend—God, you might say. She was molested by a priest at barely 16 and subjected to a humiliating public scandal. Yet, nothing could deter her from her ambition to become a lawyer, until she met the man who promised her the lifestyle and freedom she deserved.

Ruby left her native land to venture into marriage at age 21. She sacrificed her ambition for a man who turned out to be her nightmare over the course of four miscarriages and raising three children. Freedom was nowhere to be found. She never felt so poor in her life until she married a millionaire. Though her children were incredibly young, she knew her own freedom was for the best, and divorce was the price to pay.

More than ever, she needed the anchor of her invisible friend. Meditation was her gateway to access the Alchemist within. She transformed herself from being dependent to self-reliant.

This book is intended to inspire, to empower, and to teach that we do not have to conform to conventions. Life comes with challenges for us to rise to our potential. Ruby’s journey led to transcending life’s challenges, finding courage in the face of adversity, facing uncertainty with fearlessness, and marching toward self-realization to unleash the undreamed-of possibilities.

“Resilient Heart” by Ruby Wight is free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (08/20/2021) at:

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About The Author

Ruby Wight is a divorced mother of three beautiful independent children. Currently, she is the CEO of her own Pilgrimage Tour Company. She travels around the world as part of her business. When she is not tending her travel business, she is actively trading stock options. She practices yoga meditation to balance her restless and chaotic world. Meantime, she maintains a very close relationship with her children who look at her as their best friend at the same time their mommy.