Leading Guatemalan tire recycler Greentec 3R invests in ECO Green Equipment’s innovative recycling machinery to launch the largest recycling plant in the country.

A global leader in the design and production of tire recycling equipment, ECO Green Equipment prides itself on innovating one-of-a-kind recycling solutions. Their engineers and designers strive to improve their turnkey systems to improve efficiency, making their systems eco-friendly and cost-effective. These solutions allow clients to produce value-added recycled products at a profit while eliminating the environmental hazards posed by waste tires.

Greentec 3R is the newest company to incorporate ECO Green Equipment into their rubber recycling plant located in Villa Nueva, Guatemala. As the largest waste tire recycling plant in Guatemala, they will be able to recycle all waste tires produced in the country and plan to serve surrounding Latin American markets as well. The specialized machinery purchased from ECO Green, including a hydraulic press and ECO Colorizer, will allow Greentec 3R to recycle more than 250,000 tires a year into molded products such as fitness equipment, construction materials, planters, and outdoor furniture.

“Greentec 3R is making great strides in cleaning up the environment in Guatemala,” said ECO Green Equipment President Brad Swenson. “We are excited to see them reducing rubber tire waste in Latin America using our machinery, which will make the recycling process eco-friendly at every step.”

The shredders and grinders produced by ECO Green mechanically break down rubber tires, separating the fabric, steel, and other components without using polluting chemicals. They produce the maximum amount of rubber product with a minimal energy requirement, further reducing their environmental impact of day-to-day plant operations. ECO Green’s equipment is made to last and return low wear and maintenance costs. This reduced repair downtime helps waste tire recyclers sustain lucrative business operations.

“The rubber recycling Greentec 3R is doing in Guatemala is demonstrating to others around the world what they can do with the proper tools,” remarked Swenson. “At ECO Green, we have been pushing the envelope in tire recycling technology to provide the machinery necessary to make tire recycling not just an eco-friendly idea, but a profitable business in our world economy.”

To find out how ECO Green Equipment’s innovative recycling machinery is helping tire recyclers like Greentec 3R turn a profit by recycling waste rubber, visit www.EcoGreenEquipment.com or call (801) 505-6841.

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