Exchange Fund Notes tender results


The following is issued on behalf of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority:

Exchange Fund Notes tender results

Tender date : August 20, 2021
Paper on offer : EF Notes
Issue number : 02Y2308
Issue date : August 23, 2021
Maturity date : August 23, 2023
Coupon   0.15 per cent p.a.
Competitive tender result    
Amount applied : HK$14,750 million
Amount allotted : HK$1,200 million
Average price accepted (yield) : 100.04 (0.13 per cent)
Lowest price accepted (yield) : 100.00 (0.15 per cent)
Pro rata ratio* : About 21 per cent
Average tender price (yield) : 99.96 (0.17 per cent)
Non-competitive tender results (for applications submitted through Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited)
Amount applied : NIL
Amount allotted : NIL
Allotment price (yield) : NIL

* “Pro rata ratio” refers to the average percentage of allotment with respect to each tender participant’s tendered amount at the “lowest price accepted” level.