Finding a spiritual connection or the road to enlightenment has always been a curious endeavor as it can be a life-changing experience. But with matters on how to achieve this goal the passion of the practitioner plays a huge factor in this endeavor, and this passion is represented through devotion and worship often through the use of religious hymns that are sung for the glory of Krishna.

“Rudra Gita” is not only a compilation of hymns that were used in the Hindu religion to give glory to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna, it is the source of inspiration and the title of the book by author Raj Behera. It is here that the author provides readers with information regarding the definition of the different terms and stories from the Hindu tradition.

The tales of the Gods reveal their nature and their importance to the Hindu religion. The stories are simplified but the messages remain within the pages.
Rudra Gita
Written by: Raj Behera
Kindle: $1.00
Paperback: $12.22

Copies of this spiritual piece of literature are available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers. Grab a copy and experience the soothing effects of such powerful hymns and learn the tales of the Gods of Hindu belief.
About the Author
Raj Behera and his wife and two boys live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Raj is a SAP America employee in the Palo Alto branch, he is passionate about new ideas, developing technology, finding spirituality, understanding mysticism, and practicing yoga in his free time.

Raj has a vision for societal stability and harmony among the elements of earth, water, air, and ether. Raj enjoys traveling, listening to music, biking, strolling on the beach, and assisting children with STEM and spiritual education.