Early Learning Centre, thinks that learning should encourage kids and that quality education should equip them to make a difference in the world. To help the youngsters achieve this goal, they work with them to foster a love of learning. They instill in them the ability to address problems effectively. They educate children to use logic to make decisions based on the facts they are provided. They urge kids to seek out and appreciate challenges above all else.

All of this is provided in a secure, loving, and inviting atmosphere that allows youngsters to expand their wings. They’re a good school with a good family atmosphere. This implies they get the time and desire to understand your kid and assist them in getting the most out of their time at School.

Kids enjoy a weekly art class in our wholly prepared art room since creativity freedom is a vital component of a child’s education. An adequately equipped pottery area with a kiln is also available at the school.

Every week, all children attend a comprehensive music lesson. Kids in grades three through six are given a chance to learn how to play the guitar. A yearly whole-school performance for parents and guests is also held.

At Early Learning School, excursions are an essential component of the curriculum. In addition, the applied scholastics learning approach focuses on a substantial impact on education in the actual world.

The goal of education is for a kid to be able to apply what he or she has gained throughout their lives.

We’ve discovered that youngsters who are given the opportunity to explore and practice what they’re learning are typically pleased than those who are only given a classroom education. Excursions also help students achieve better academic results.

The Yarralinda School and early learning center Mooroolbark is a pre school learning center in Mooroolbark Vic that encourages understanding living, including personality growth. Several children in our comprehensive preschool are inspired to be kind, ethical, and ecologically concerned personalities.