DSPACK uses FDA-certified eco-friendly EB for high resolution and clarity and eco-friendly adhesives for safety to produce food packaging.

DSPACK also produces complex packaging containers by layering heatproof plastic files or al-foils, which encloses foods and is then sealed, pressured, heated to sterilize with a heat-adhesion method.

DSPACK is also specialized in eco-friendly mask production.

DSPACK makes environmental masks that come in various designs which are light and comfortable to breathe. The mask has a triple-layered structure with a melt-blown (MB) filter with a 94% blocking rate that shows a powerful blocking effect against harmful substances.

Eco-friendly Electron Beam (EB) ink that does not contains organic chemicals is used in mask production to protect the environment. Also, DSPACK makes ecological pouches using parchment papers to reduce the environmental destruction by the disposable plastic wrapping of the mask, reducing annual plastic use by more than 50%.

DSPACK is running DSPACK MALL to sell their own packaging products and masks.

DSPACK CEO said that their goal is to become a company leading globalization by manufacturing eco-friendly packages and masks with high quality to become a world standard.

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