The way organisations interact with their target audience has drastically altered in recent years due to the boom in digital marketing. More and more businesses in a variety of industries have begun to use online marketing into their campaigns in order to take advantage of its numerous features and benefits.

Unfortunately, the dynamism of online marketing, coupled with the relatively hefty costs required by agencies, has made it impossible for many SMEs and start-ups to expand their brands through digital marketing. The team at ITZO, on the other hand, want digital marketing to be accessible to all, as the company introduces its line of high-quality, low-cost solutions in Oman.

ITZO offers strategic services such as content creation and content marketing, UX writing and micro-copy, web design, and SEO consultancy, thanks to a team of experienced online marketing professionals. Marketing strategy and press release dissemination are two additional services provided by the firm.

Itzo is the ideal online marketing companion for emerging brands and enterprises in Muscat and around the country, because of the breadth of services provided by the digital marketing company, as well as the unique combination of quality and relatively low cost. And, as co-founder Susan Proctor says, “We understand the barriers to entering the online world, because we’ve lived the startup and SME life in Oman for years and across sectors.”

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