No strangers to music, they were infused with sounds in utero via their mother, Chicago House Vocalist, and Wake Up! Music record label owner, Pepper Gomez, who was playing sitar, singing, dancing Flamenco, and spinning all genres including her beloved Doors during their gestation and youth. Both were “forced” to study piano and then added drums and guitar lessons leading to performing from an early age. A well-rounded education has recently culminated in advanced degrees for both Sharkeyes and Tacboy.

And recently, something remarkable happened. Sharkeyes began to share songs he was writing with Tacboy who then composed the vocal melodies and lyrics to the track. A prolific partnership was born and in less than two years, they had amassed over 30 songs. An impressed Pepper Gomez set loose their tracks through the boards in the studio. It resulted in their first songs which were released on the Wake Up! Music label. Coupled with eye-catching videos the ET Boys have now successfully impacted the music world.

Tacboy, a model signed to IMG, the top modeling agency, sings with a freedom and a look that evokes visions of Jim Morrison. He’s mysterious as the poetry flows out of him effortlessly while he connects with the music. As the frontman, he mesmerizes both with voice and looks, not to mention his lyrics. Sharkeyes provides all the instrumental accompaniment on their releases. His tunes are distinguished by a variety of influences, drum beats, and interplaying melodies.

Now on their second release, “Something Love”, is a young and modern-day love song where the vocal prowess of Tacboy can be felt with the interplaying harmonies and rich sounds. This song is great as a backdrop for an evening out, a car ride, gaming, a delicious dinner, or when you are just hanging with your love.

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