Gary Sweeney, style director of Ascots & Chapels says about the partnership, “ With so much awareness and need for sustainability not only in the Middle East but globally, Ascots & Chapels wanted a way to make a difference on a global level, partnering with Scottish charity Trees for Life, who for over 25 years have been rewilding the Scottish Highlands, providing not only new space for wildlife to flourish, but helping reduce the carbon footprint each one of us creates, with an estimated 92 million tons of textile waste created every year, we believe it’s critical for fashion and sustainability to go hand in hand.

Ascots & Chapels offers bespoke and semi bespoke hand-crafted tailored suits, custom handmade crafted shirts and keeping the current global pandemic in mind Ascots & Chapels have launched Visiting Tailors, which sees fully vaccinated tailors come to your residence, to offer you the same luxury experience to create the perfect suit with no extra cost, just convenience.