Joey’s Legacy, a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Lexington, South Carolina, assists those whose companion animals were permanently injured or died as a result of veterinary negligence or malpractice. Their experienced team of 50+ attorneys actively assist with creating new legislation that helps companion animals gain a newfound, well-deserved respect in the law, as currently companion animals are considered personal property rather than the sentient creatures that we all know them to be.

Best-selling author JL Robb’s “Joey’s Legacy-Seeking Truth and Integrity in Veterinary Medicine-Volume One” was released in February 2021, with Volume Two expected to release during the August-September 2021 time period. The nine-time Emmy-winning producer and director John Biffar is filming a documentary about Joey’s Legacy, its origins, and will feature many parents of companion animals we have helped as well as expose some of the long-standing problems in the veterinary profession. We acknowledge unequivocally that the overwhelming majority of veterinary practitioners provide competent care for their patients. We seek to expose the minority that don’t.

Joey’s Legacy’s main office is located at 121 Northpoint Drive in Lexington, South Carolina. We may be contacted at (239) 822-2538. Our website is, and our contact e-mail address is info ( @ ) joeyslegacy dot org.