Special arrangement to facilitate resubmission of registration after the end of the Consumption Voucher Scheme registration period


     The registration period of the Consumption Voucher Scheme ended yesterday (August 14).  The electronic registration portal has ceased operation and post offices and bank branches have also ceased collecting paper forms.  The Government spokesman today (August 15) reminded people choosing to upload their Hong Kong identity card (HKID card) copy for authentication in respect of their electronic registration to upload their HKID card copy via the Scheme website (www.consumptionvoucher.gov.hk) on or before August 16 to complete the registration procedure.  People who have completed electronic registration on or after July 18 and all paper form registrants will receive the first voucher with a value of $2,000 on September 1 after their eligibility is confirmed. 
     The Government spokesman said that some registrations submitted during the registration period could not be further processed for various reasons, such as inaccurate information or failing to staple a copy of their HKID card to the paper registration form, etc.  These registrants who wish to resubmit their registration should first confirm that the information to be submitted this time is correct and complete.  In case these registrants may not be able to resubmit before the end of the registration period, the Government has made special arrangement to allow them to resubmit their completed paper registration forms together with their HKID copy in person or by a trusted person to the Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat at 17/F, Pioneer Centre, 750 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, during office hours on or before August 31.
     Those who are required to upload their HKID copy for authentication to complete their electronic registration but are unable to do so by August 16 as required may also resubmit their registration through this special arrangement. 
     However, the arrangement does not apply to those who are confirmed to be ineligible under the Scheme or who have never submitted any registration before.

     Each eligible registrant can only resubmit once during the period from August 16 to 31 using paper registration form.  Registrants with their eligibility confirmed will receive disbursement of the first voucher of $2,000 on October 1.  In general, they will receive an SMS notification informing them of their registration result in mid-September.  They may also enquire about their registration status through the interactive voice response system of the hotline 18 5000.
     The Government spokesman reminded the public again that they should protect their personal data carefully when registering for the Scheme and using the vouchers. They should only seek help from those they trust if assistance is needed.
     The Government and its contractors will send SMS notifications related to the Scheme to registrants and communicate with them by designated telephone numbers only. Registrants will not be required to provide their personal data over the phone.  The designated telephone numbers are listed on the Scheme website. The public should beware of phishing emails, online and telephone scams, and should not click on any hyperlink embedded in suspicious SMS notifications.
     The public may visit the Scheme website or call the hotline 18 5000 for enquiries if they have any questions about the Scheme.