After The Reign is a must watch independent film capturing todays music industry and the social media driven world that we now live in.

After The Reign is a must watch independent film that captures the social media driven world we currently live in and its effect on not only the music industry but the average person. The film takes a comedic approach as it looks to depict a serious and thought provoking message throughout.

Rene Rosado (The Conners) stars opposite Lisa Roumain (Avatar), Scotty Tovar (Empire) and Jessica Meza (East Los High) in the new Geo Santini’s mockumentary After The Reign, based on the abrupt rise and fall of social media prankster-turned rapper Benito Cruz a.k.a Lil Tito.

Santini, who writes and directs, enlists Grammy award-winning producer Cory Rooney for a guest appearance. Presented by Gravitas Ventures and Red Arrows Studios through MPM Productions, the new film was the most watched film at the 2020 New York Latino Film Festival.

Produced by Luis C. Arellano, After The Reign follows Benito Cruz (Lil Tito) establishing an irreverent social media persona by creating and executing edgy pranks that flirt with legality. But when one of his pranks lands him behind bars, Benito’s social media following isn’t just sustained, it grows. His new inheritance provokes a transformation from clickbait prankster to hardcore rapper known as Lil Tito. Bolstered by his trolling antics, Lil Tito’s music lands on the top charts and his videos frequent the trending sections of video platforms, establishing a base of infatuated fans who ask, “What will Lil Tito do next?” Fame and influence beg for a level of responsibility that Lil Tito rejects, making the internet puppeteer a victim of the exploitative music industry. Ironically, Lil Tito is soon destroyed by the beast that created him and his addiction to virtual validation drives him to do the unthinkable.

You can now catch the film on platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Comcast, Vudu and Redbox.

Although you can catch a laugh from this film, be sure to pay attention as the film creates a strong message for all while casting some popular faces such as Flight Reacts and B Lou.

Watch the trailer here.

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