For those unaware, Unity Protocol is a 100% community-driven decentralized exchange with deflationary total supply. In a bid to further create awareness about the crypto space, the team at Unity Protocol is pleased to announce the introduction of its decentralized exchange.

The exchange will enable crypto enthusiasts to trade coins and make a profit in the process. The team will be collaborating with other tokens in the near future to create a formidable force in the crypto ecosystem.

Future Projects

Unity Protocol has a number of upcoming projects lined up for launching during this year.

Some of the projects include:

  1. IDO Platform

This is a platform where the initial DEX offering will take place for Unitycom pre-sale. The platform will launch in September 2021. Only Unity holders will be able to participate in the presale.

  1. NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace will be launched to encourage artists and content creators to earn passive income. The marketplace will enable digital content creators to sell their digital collectibles on Binance Smart Chain.

  1. Crypto Bots

Unity Protocol will have crypto bots that will help you manage your funds and keep track of your portfolio.

  1. Crypto Wallet

Unity Protocol will also have a crypto wallet that would be compatible with all operating systems with fully functional DAPP Browser.

Airdrop Program

The project is offering a massive AirDrop of UnityCom for UNITY Holders! 20,000 UnityCom per UNITY!

About UnityCom

UnityCom is another token of the Unity Protocol ecosystem. UnityCom is designed to appreciate everyone treating the token as a digital currency instead of an ordinary commodity.

UnityCom promises to bring great potential in terms of price increment and a host of other benefits.

Usecase Of UnityCom

UnityCom is created to spread crypto awareness among the masses, for that purpose we will try our best to enable its holders buying various Product & Services using their UnityCom balance.

In this regard, together with partnering with pre-established Online Shops & Services Providers, we will start our own Digital Shop and Hiring Portal to offer best possible products and reliable services on maximum possible discounts to the community.

With this extensive list of use cases, we will remind the world “Crypto Tokens are actually a Digital Currency” that is now a days treating like just a commodity.

Benefits Of holding Unity

Unity Protocol promised greater profits and more presales in the long-term. UnityCom’s pre-sale will commence in Unity IDO Platform, in September.

Team Members

Unity Protocol parades one of the finest teams the crypto ecosystem can offer. The team is led by Syed Ayat Ali Gillani, who doubles as the Founder. But that’s not all, Mr. Ayat Gillani is a well-known face of the cryptocurrency space in Pakistan and has been running a page of 60K members on Facebook where he provided signals for trading and educational videos of cryptocurrency as well. He is ably assisted by Tunj Ucan as the Co-Founder.

Nadeem Qureshi is the Marketing Lead for the team. The responsibility to oil the wheel of the project falls on the shoulders of Farjad Shah as the IT Manager. All team members are well-vast as far as the blockchain and fintech space is concerned.

About Unity Protocol

Unity Protocol is a community-driven and blockchain-powered decentralized exchange with deflationary total supply. Unity Protocol has a native token with the symbol “Unity.” The token is designed to create awareness of the potential of cryptocurrencies. The token also aims to solve all proceeding issues.

Whether it’s managing your crypto assets or securing your assets in a wallet, Unity Protocol has it covered. The project also has another token with the symbol “Unitycom.” Unitycom is being airdropped to people who hold the Unity token.

Unity’s mission is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the NFT marketplace, particularly to encourage artists and content creators to earn passive income. Unity will provide a platform for digital content creators to sell their digital collectibles on Binance Smart Chain.

Unity Protocol has a responsive customer service team that will handle many issues that users have through emails. This is one outstanding feature that stands the project out, as most tokens don’t do this.

It is a first of its kind token offering 1 to 1 customer support via email: [email protected].

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