Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, Blue Flame Minerals is a mineral acquisition company. Formed in 2011, they aim to create opportunities for mineral owners and investors in the Fayetteville Shale.

Blue Flame makes it easy for individuals to monetize their minerals and realize their retirement dreams. 

Since its inception in 2011, Blue Flame Minerals has successfully formed five royalty partnerships and expanded to Texas, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and other states. They believe in making investments that are fair for all participating parties. They work hard to be a trusted source of information and advice in a market that can be difficult to navigate. 

When Blue Flame Minerals looks at acquisitions, they take a proactive and creative approach to provide a competitive offer for minerals. They unlock millions of dollars for mineral owners every year and have an excellent reputation for dealing with people legally. 

Blue Flame Minerals believes it is an honor to trust individuals and work with them as mineral owners or investors. They find hidden value by digging deep for information that is not necessarily available to the public or missed by others. 

By leveraging their relationships with operators and industry experts, the company gains insights that increase assets’ value; those who own minerals should ensure they get the best opportunity to maximize value. Mineral evaluations are complex, and a few minor adjustments have the potential to drastically change an offer. 

Blue Flame Minerals focuses on understanding all variables that make up the worth of an asset such as a commodity, pricing, future drilling, operator risks, geology, and title. The company is proud to help mineral owners unlock their wealth and reduce their risk by being trusted sources of information.

They manage royalty investment partnerships in an oil and gas market that is constantly changing and can be hard to predict with confidence. To diversify investment strategy, Blue Flame Minerals spreads out interest over multiple operators, areas, and plays. 

This minimizes risk and allows them to pay a premium to the mineral owner and provide consistent returns. At Blue Flame Minerals, we buy minerals right and invite mineral owners to learn more about us and our unique approach. 

Contact Name: Glen Johnson

Email: glen@blueflameminerals.com

About Blue Flame Minerals

Buying Mineral Rights in Bakken Shale play in North Dakota.