The challenge of the energy transition also involves the agricultural sector. To this end, Enel and Confagricoltura have signed a collaboration agreement that will offer a package of solutions tailored to companies in the sector. The agreement follows last year’s protocol that identified priorities and business models on energy, electricity and gas, and energy efficiency for agricultural enterprises.

The agreements, involving Enel X and Enel Energia, provide the possibility for companies to have a dedicated consultancy aimed at seizing opportunities in this field.

In particular, the proposal is structured, using the support of dedicated sales figures from Enel Energia and Enel X, into project studies to assess the economic convenience and feasibility of the sales proposal, dedicated products for electricity and gas commodities, the Circular Economy Report to use an audit to measure the circularity of the company and possible improvement actions for energy efficiency, such as the installation of new photovoltaic systems or the optimization of existing ones, renewable energy communities and charging infrastructure for electric mobility.

An important part of the synergy is also to encourage technological innovation, including photovoltaic panels, while respecting rural areas as a whole, including the landscape.

“With this agreement,” said Carlo Tamburi, Director of Enel Italia, “Enel intends to strengthen the natural alliance between renewable sources, sustainable energy solutions and the agricultural sector. The transition towards a more sustainable development model and the achievement of climate neutrality objectives is not possible without providing opportunities for growth and technological innovation to companies in the agricultural sector, with which we intend to work together, as well as encouraging the harmonious growth of plants and crops in the territory” 

“The fight against climate change and the improvement of sustainability,” explained Massimiliano Giansanti, president of Confagricoltura, “passes through agricultural enterprises. Agriculture can contribute to environmental sustainability, emissions reduction, CO2 absorption and green energy production by focusing on farm innovation. Renewable energies, and photovoltaic technology in particular, have developed significantly in agriculture over the last fifteen years, enabling companies to implement sustainability paths at company level, to actively participate in the decarbonization of the electricity sector and to support the sector’s ecological transition

An initial meeting will be held in September to illustrate the details of the agreement between Enel, Enel X and Confagricoltura, followed by other meetings in the various regions to specifically promote the opportunities offered by the partnership.