The Spirit of Wales Distillery Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin competed against gins from across the world in the 2021 IWSC. Even though the distillery was only founded in 2021, Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin held its own and walked away with 91 points and a silver medal.

Gin continues to rise with gin making and drinking, a global phenomenon with no signs of slowing down. The IWSC recorded the largest spirits, judging in history during the 2021 competitions. Competing against gins across the world, Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin held its own to be a part of the 68% of entries receiving a medal from the IWSC.

A contemporary dry Welsh gin packed with sweet characteristics and tastes of juniper, cassia bark, and orris root on the palate. Created for the everyday Welsh person and the community in mind, Steeltown is about the hard-working, determined folk who rise above all odds. Steeltown is a tribute to the industrial roots of Wales and the heritage of the area where Steeltown Welsh Gin is produced. Amidst the coal, steel, and iron production that built the city of Newport and Wales.

The Spirit of Wales Distillery’s Steeltown range strives to capture the passion of the Welsh and commemorate the workers from the coal and steel industries. The IWSC took notice of this Welsh-infused gin with 13 botanicals. This new contemporary-styled dry Welsh gin captures its Welsh influences in a rich, multi-layered palate.

The contemporary gin category saw growth in entries and medal winners at the IWSC, with distillers embracing new ingredients and experimenting with gin styles. Many brands approach this as an opportunity to reflect the terroir and provenance of their respective distilleries. The Spirit of Wales Steeltown range offers authentic flavour filled spirits that capture the essence of the Welsh. Combined with tonic, Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin grows with flavour bursts of lemonade, pink grapefruit, and marmalade, with a hint of fresh menthol and cardamom for a lasting finish.

Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin draws inspiration from the seaside resorts of South Wales, where the coal and steel workers would spend their Miners Fortnight. Echoing the familiar flavours of lemonade, sorbet, or a stick of rock from seaside stores, remembered from traditional seaside holidays. Even the fresh Pembrokeshire sea breeze and ornamental floral gardens are captured in the Welsh gin by using botanicals like lavender, heather, rosemary.

Leading tastes of juniper, cassia bark, and orris root are layered with floral and herbaceous elements to augment the lemon, grapefruit, and orange peel that gives Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin a refreshing nose and mouth watering, yet bittersweet palate. Spirit of Wales Distillery achieves the sweet and subtle aftertaste of Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin through a boost of fennel seed, liquorice root, and orris root. Cardamom and a hint of fresh menthol create a lasting finish.

The IWSC awarded Steeltown Dry Welsh Gin is available in 5cl, 20cl, and 50cl bottles at the Distillery in Newport, South Wales, or on their online store. Tours and tastings are also available and can be booked on the Spirit of Wales Distillery website.

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About the Spirit of Wales Distillery

Formed in 2021, the Spirit of Wales Distillery is a no-nonsense Welsh spirits producer, in Newport, South Wales. Inspired by Welsh passion and their dramatic cultural background and environment, The Spirit of Wales range includes Steeltown Welsh Dry Gin with citrus sweetness and juniper notes. Steeltown Welsh Vodka, Dragon’s Breath Spiced Welsh Rum, and limited release distillation Welsh spirits complete the Spirit of Wales range. Visit the Newport distillery for a guided tour and tasting experience to find the perfect pairing with Fever-Tree Mixers and Tonics and the Spirit of Wales chocolate range. Celebrate all things Welsh with the Spirit of Wales Distillery.

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