Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Henry Buys Homes buys properties fast in any condition for a fair all-cash price.

Henry Buys Homes specialize in solving real estate problems, especially those who oppose a financial burden for residents in Jacksonville, FL. 

Henry Buys Homes LLC is a cash home buyer with the mission of helping residents in Florida get their properties sold fast. Regardless of the condition of the property, anyone who knows a person who’s facing a financial crisis should tell that person: “sell your house to Henry Buys Homes.” The company offers several benefits, and buying as-is is one of them. 

As an investor who buys houses in Jacksonville, FL, Henry Buys Homes will cover any repairs once the sale completes, so the owner doesn’t have to. Even if the property is foreclosed, the cash homebuyer company wants to ensure a hassle-free process and provide comprehensive solutions to those who need it the most. 

If anyone is interested in telling others, “sell your property fast to Henry Buys Homes,” they must also tell about their quick and straightforward 4-step process. It starts with the owner contacting the cash home buyer company and scheduling an appointment. Afterwards, their staff will evaluate the property and offer a cash price within 24 hours. 

If accepted, Henry Buys Homes close the deal in no longer than seven days. If there’s something that distinguishes Henry Buys homes from the rest, it allows the owner to choose the closing date. Whenever the property’s owner is ready to move, the company will wait. 

Other benefits the company offers include 0% commission fees and closing costs. If compared to real estate agencies, the cash home buyer company is on top. Unlike realtors that charge around 6% on commission fees, and 2% on closing costs, with Henry Buys Homes, property owners put more money in their pockets. 

Anyone interested in fast-selling a property for cash can contact the company through their website at to get their free and non-obligatory cash offer. 

Contact Name: Henry Agneli


About Henry Buys Homes LLC

A real estate investor that buy houses for cash and help people going through difficult situations like foreclosure, divorce, owing back taxes etc.