Poetry has always been an effective means of conveying one’s emotions to others.

Within human history, poetry has always been an effective means of conveying one’s emotions to others. So, it comes as no surprise that it is also used as a means of evoking powerful emotions in the reader’s heart, mind, and spirit. However, with fame being a driving factor for writing poems, many lose their meaning.

Unlike other poetry books, “Short Poetry, Long Tales” is a collection of poems that are simple to understand but stay with you for a long time. The author wrote the poems with a profound vein of spirituality in mind so that the words from his heart could reach out to others.

Readers have described the book as: “a wonderful collection of poems that will attract a reader’s eye and attention.” A book that is filled with so many emotions that despite its simple structure, it shares such vast emotions, and this is done with the goal being to make it more relevant to life in the twenty-first century.
Short Poems, Long Tales
Written By: Rashid Osmani
Kindle: $4.99
Paperback: $9.90

Copies of this heartfelt compilation of poetry are available on Amazon, the author’s website, and other online book retailers. Get your book now and be astounded by the sophisticated intensity on exhibit in Osmani’s poems.
About the Author
Rashid has travelled extensively over the world and has lived in the Chicago region for the past 40 years. He intends to continue writing and reading poems in the future.

Professionally, Rashid Osmani is an engineer who has served as Vice President of Engineering at numerous prominent global corporations in the United States. He holds an MSEE from IIT (Chicago) as well as 13 US patents. His fifth poetry collection, “Short Poems, Long Tales,” was released this year.