2020 proved to be the most dreaded year where the world’s economy took a deep plunge and businesses were trying to stay afloat (let alone make profits), GloAuc turned out to be game changer. The Japanese automobile trading industry took a hit in 2020 where the businesses encountered big losses, many were even forced to take voluntarily exit while the others were just surviving. We also witnessed global chip shortage that hit the car production in China and Japan.

While the new car productions were facing impediments last year, Japanese used car exporters grabbed it as an opportunity. The used car trading industry comparatively made good revenue for the fiscal year 2020-21. The dealers were able to sold and export a large number of fleet to different parts of the world. Although the said industry faced challenges in terms of car procurement, shipment and customer satisfaction, yet many dealers combat such challenges and were able to come through.

However, GloAuc stood out from the rest for the last year as it rightfully won the JABA (Japan Automobile Business Association) Used Automobile Exporter Award 2020-21.

Gloauc K.K.

Shawn Jackson





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