Brother Selects the Creative Agency to Produce Video Spot that Takes Sewing and Embroidery Hobbyists to the Next Level

The EGC Group, a full-service integrated marketing and digital agency, announced today that they will be launching a “Go Getter” campaign with Brother International Corporation. The campaign is designed to inspire sewers and crafters to grow their passion for embroidery into a profitable, startup business.

At the heart of the Go Getter campaign is a 2-minute video spot that details the inspirational journey of a family of three who successfully takes their loft-apartment hobby to viable small business by using Brother’s new Entrepreneur W PR680W six-needle embroidery machine. The video shows how easily a Brother product can help anyone achieve the entrepreneurial dream, just by combining the right attitude, tools, and creative execution.

According to Sage research, almost half (45%) of the people who started a stay-at-home venture in 2021, came up with the business idea during the 2020 lockdown. Thanks to the popularity of DIY online shops such as Etsy – and a growing consumer demand for personal, homemade, goods and gifts – it’s now easier than ever to launch an embroidery line side-hustle.

The video campaign is directed at embroidery enthusiasts who are ready to take their crafting skills to the next level — and even those looking to jump-start a business of their own.

“The pandemic brought about a real resurgence of interest in sewing, embroidery, quilting, and crafting,” said Shannon Sullivan, Brother’s Vice President of the Home Appliance Division. “We’re excited to see crafters are discovering innovative products, like the Entrepreneur W PR680W, easily allow people to turn what they love into a small business. This campaign really demonstrates that ease and highlights the rewards waiting for those who follow their passion.”

For the EGC Group, it was simply the case of a remarkable product deserving an inspiring story to get the message out to other budding entrepreneurs.

“Innovation has really transformed the embroidery process so that even a busy young family has time to start their own business,” said Rich DeSimone, Vice President & Creative Director at The EGC Group. “We wanted to drive that point home for other entrepreneurs who might be sitting on the bench, and like the couple in the video, inspire them to take that leap from hobbyist to business owner with help of one easy-to-use tool.”

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