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Accountable to the Scottish Government, NSS – a Non-Departmental Public Body which works at the heart of the health service, providing national strategic support services and expert advice to NHS Scotland – awarded the contract to eCom after carrying out a competitive tender process. The resulting eLearning materials contain interactive learning activities which encourage learners to reflect on personal attitudes, beliefs and work practices in how they interact during the treatment of patients who require phototherapy treatment for management of skin disorders.

NSS Programme Support Officer, Aneta Gorczynski, commented, “The experience of working with eCom was seamless due to good, frequent communication and scheduling.”

“The eLearning materials are highly cost-effective – being available online 24/7, removing the need for learners to travel to training sessions and enabling the learning to be fitted around existing work commitments,” said eCom’s Managing Director, Wendy Edie. “They also ensure that all learners receive consistent learning messages – and these learning messages can also be accessed for the purposes of refresher training and performance support, as required.

“This allows NHS Scotland staff to manage their own learning, notably their Continuing Professional Development (CPD),” Wendy added. “By completing the online module, alongside satisfactorily completing the period of supervised practice, staff’s competence is acknowledged in safely delivering prescribed phototherapy and photochemotherapy.”

This is one of many projects that eCom has carried out successfully for NHS Scotland. For further details of this project, visit

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