Alexei Bauereis — an aspiring ballet dancer based in Austin — would have turned 20 this August. Tragically, the young artist’s life was cut short on June 7, 2016, when he was fatally struck by a car on his way home with a friend. Just 14 years old, Alexei already had earned a reputation as a precociously talented ballet dancer.

Despite his untimely death, Alexei’s legacy is firmly intact thanks to his mother. In the midst of inconceivable grief, Anna Bauereis took pen to paper after her inestimable loss in memorializing her son. The result of her introspection: “Things We Wish To Say,” a book equal parts memoir and tribute to her child’s short but impactful life.

The book detailing her son’s impressive accomplishments — including a prominent role in the documentary “Danseur” about male ballet dancers by virtue of his artistic contributions at Ballet Austin — is an extension of Bauereis’s passion as a professional lifestyle consultant/coach. Initially an exercise in grappling with grief, the book yields something of a primer for others experiencing personal loss. In negotiating around her pain, Bauereis channels her son in recalling his passions, dreams, and artistic expression. With eloquence and grace, the book serves as tribute for posterity, and an inspirational lesson in coping with grief.

Bauereis is available for media interviews to expound on her published work and dealing with loss, which would likely be of interest to your audience. If this is of interest, do not hesitate to reach her directly at the telephone number above to schedule an interview.

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