RCFoamCutter LLC, a Bay Area California based designer and manufacturer of low-cost high-end CNC hot wire foam cutting machines announces the addition of a mini foam cutter new line of equipment to be available to its customers in August 2021. The machine can cut EPS, XPS and EPP foam with the size of 12” x 6” with up to 30” hot wire length and a cutting speed of up to 20” per minute.

The mini foam cutter is a true 4-axis machine, capable of cutting tapered shapes where one side cutting a different shape than the other side. It comes fully assembled and tested, not as a kit, so the customer does not need to spend time on putting it together. The electronics are sold separately on our website, or can be purchased on eBay, Amazon or anywhere on the web, as well as the customer will need to download the cutting software.

The mini machine’s advantage is that it is small enough to be placed on a table top, similar to a 3D printer. This new machine addition is offered at a low affordable price, and is a cost-effective solution to anyone wanting to cut airplane parts automatically rather than manually, for first time users of foam cutters, or whoever is opening a new small business and does not want to spend too much out of pocket. It is designed mainly, but not solely for cutting wings, cores and fuselages, therefore is intended to be mostly used by airplane flying model builders, RC hobbyist, RC flyers enthusiasts as well as high schools, universities and other academic institutes, specifically Aerospace and Aeronautic Engineering programs.

“We are continuously innovating, adding new products and reaching new industries according to the market needs” says Sage, Co-owner. “This mini machine was designed by Tal, Co-owner after we received multiple requests from RC enthusiasts to create a solution for cutting the wings for their airplane models. They all said they rather own a smaller machine that is cheap and does not take up a lot of space, therefore, the “Mini” was born. But don’t be fooled – It is a small machine but can cut large wings”. Sage continues to add that the machine users can easily transport it from one room to another, being such a small machine and that the software to download is user-friendly and does not require Cad-Cam prior experience.

The mini machine users can select the software that is convenient for them. They can use Mach3 software and hardware for operating the machine or they can use GRBL software and hardware. Both are available on the company’s website, or “off the shelf” online, as well as a selection of different tutorials. There are also several different options for generating G-Code to draw the desired shapes and specifically for cutting foam wings, such as DevCad, FoamWorks and more.