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BetterMan Labs have made a revolution in the Men’s Health industry by creating the #1 Male herbal tonic in the UK. The 100% Organic, herbal product contains premium extracts of Eurycoma Longifolia Jack and Tribulus Terrestris.

The company was founded in the first quarter of 2020 and quickly has become the most popular choice of Men above their 30’s who are looking for natural ways to boost their performance and well-being.

According to the company spokesperson, the secret being the BetterMan Labs herbal male tonic is featuring herbs that are freshly cultivated and collected from zones known to yield highly concentrated and bio-available active ingredients. The results of this amazing product are verified by the buyers themselves with hundreds of 5-star ratings all over their Instagram social handle –


BetterMan Labs – The company that is “Normalizing” the Idea that Men should look after themselves too.

The company announced in May 2021 that it is releasing a herbal Shampoo and a 100% Organic serum spray on the market to combat Male Pattern Baldness and improve hair condition. In their new products launch campaign, BetterMan have mentioned that 10% of the proceeds from their products are going towards the Men’s Mental Health charity in the UK, which is amazing to know there are still people who support Men and their Health and Well – being.

The science behind male pattern baldness have confirmed that “DHT” is the main cause of the problem. With that in mind, BetterMan Hair care products are featuring 100% natural herbs which are topically blocking DHT molecules as well

as nourishing and stimulating the hair follicles to promote new healthy hair growth.

Independent studies show that the premium herbal ingredients in the BetterMan Anti – Hair loss shampoo and Hair Spray inhibit the damaging factors of hair. They also promote hair shaft elongation and extend the hair growth phase. The Biotin in their Hair Care products, also known as vitamin B7 stimulates keratin production in the hair, strengthens hair and increases the rate of follicle growth.

BetterMan also understands how important it is to have a beautiful smile as this leads to more confidence which in return allows you to achieve more in life. As most Teeth Whitening procedures are quite expensive and harmful to the teeth due to the peroxides involved, the Professional Teeth Whitening kit by BetterMan contains 0% peroxides. Instead it contains an innovative ingredient recently discovered and proven to be as effective as peroxide , but without the negative effects for the enamel. The formula is also 100% Vegan Friendly.

The diversified product range is what makes the company unique. BetterMan Labs takes Men’s Health and confidence very seriously and provides only the most premium products that help men live a better life as they age. We are excited to see what will be the next herbal products released by BetterMan Labs.

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