About Daniel C. Bitting

Dan Bitting is a Partner at the litigation firm Scott Douglass & McConnico where he focuses on complex business litigation, including fiduciary duty litigation, securities violations, professional malpractice claims, intellectual property disputes, shareholder claims, property disputes, and oil, gas and energy litigation. He handles cases with millions of dollars at stake. He has over thirty years of trial and appellate experience in both state and federal courts, including serving as lead counsel in multiple jury trials and appeals. Dan understands that the best resolution of many disputes is a satisfactory settlement but he believes that the best settlements come from being fully prepared and able to try the case if necessary.

About Scott Douglass & McConnico LLP

Scott Douglass & McConnico earned its reputation as one of the finest trial and appellate firms in Texas through decades of real courtroom experience in high-stakes disputes. The firm’s deep roster of formidable trial and appellate lawyers have the skill, insight, and reputation that serves clients well not only in the courtroom but also at the negotiating table.


The litigation landscape for fiduciary duty claims has been continuously evolving with the recent developments and court rulings. As the number of lawsuits increase, companies are confronted with a myriad of challenges and compliance hurdles. Failure to maintain a good fiduciary relationship could pose risks of litigation which may result in monetary penalties and reputational damages.

This underscores the importance for companies to keep themselves abreast of emerging trends in this field of law. They must also revisit their litigation techniques and practices to avoid pitfalls and have the advantage when faced with this type of lawsuit.

In a LIVE Webcast, a panel of key thought leaders and distinguished professionals assembled by The Knowledge Group will present the audience with a comprehensive discussion of recent trends and developments in fiduciary duty claims litigation. Speakers will also discuss common pitfalls and offer best practices to mitigate litigation risks.

Key issues that will be covered in this course are:

• Trends and Updates in Fiduciary Duty Claims Litigation

• Notable Case Rulings

• Critical Issues and Red Flags

• Best Litigation Techniques

• Outlook

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