In this era of high development among urban areas all over the world, you’ll come across several service places scattered all over the city. Si. Alexandra’s place main objective is to put all these services places into one single firm. We provide a soothing experience for our customers in a well set and controlled environment. 


Part of our franchise is the barber shop and hairdressers. A person hair is part of their identity, self confidence and self worth are mostly rooted on how the hair looks. Si. Alexandra’s places has professionals who are very consistent and committed in ensuring youcleave with the haircut that you came for. We are here to communicate  quality way of life and motivate on each others’ goals. We hear a lot about streamlining the business process and taking the individual out of the equation, but this is not what happens at Si. Alexandra’s place, here we give a human experience like in the 1950s where people would meet up,  sit in a porch and chat just about anything. 


Visiting a spa is one of the most relaxing and pampering things one can do. There are plenty of factors customers look for before choosing a spa, or services like manicure and pedicure. Si. Alexandra’s place answers your questions and kills all the doubts you might have, our staff are experienced in what they do and have proper knowledge on quality products for hair and skin. Our hygiene levels are excellent because its one of our major core values. Si. Alexandra’s place has embraced new technologies in terms of computerised schedules and checkout procedures to ensure our staff and the clients are always on the same page to avoid unnecessary confusion. 


You could be out in the city and in need of of a place to print, photocopy, laminate or work on a website service, you don’t have to worry because Si. Alexandra’s place got you covered. All these services are available at our places including a fast Internet service. 

We have been lauded for the service we offer to the elderly. These are a disadvantaged group in the society and most of them often or always feel lonely. At Si. Alexandra’s place, the elderly can visit, sit, relax and have cups of tea without feeling isolated. This is a place they could call home away from home. Available fitness centre, gift shops for men, women, children and also for special occasions.