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Track Title: Let It Heal You Genre: Indie-Folk, Alternative-Folk, Cinematic-Folk, Cinematic-Rock Launch Date: 23rd July 2021 ISRC Code: QZHNC2171537

Feralman is a Welsh / Australian alternative folk artist with a lean towards the cinematic. He released his debut single When All Is Almost Lost in November 2020 and followed up with I am DRAGON! in December 2020. Where Were You Before? released in January 2021 was his third release in as many months.

His debut album Chapters 35-43 was released in March with positive reviews from all over the world. His songs have been radio-playlisted on over 40 stations in UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Poland. They have also been featured on over 80 user curated playlists on Spotify.

Feralman has released a music video for almost every song on the album which are all available on his YouTube channel, and has a growing number of subscribers and over 40,000 plays.

This is a song for anyone who is looking for inspiration; for anyone who needs a source of encouragement to make a change in their lives or to really go and get what they want; and for all those who enjoy the fantasy of magic, dragons and epic adventure.

With comparisons to Ben HowardNick Mulvey and Bears DenFeralman tells stories by crafting musical landscapes from personal experiences.

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