Americana artist Ken Lehnig and the American Windsong Music label release two new singles. “On the Mississippi- unplugged” and “Remember that Song.”

Chart topping singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/producer  Ken Lehnig has been a front man for numerous bands including twenty years with Ken Lehnig and The Burning Sage Band for twenty years. He has recorded and released five solo albums on the American Windsong Music label, including the new release of a contemporary faith album ‘I Can Hear You Now’.

Ken Lehnig went back in the studio and revisited two cuts; “On the Mississippi” originally a rock cut on Ken Lehnig and the Burning Sage Band’s “Keep the Sun From Going Down” and an Americana cut on Ken’s solo album “Broken Heart”. “On the Missisipps” was just released as an unplugged version with Ken singing and playing guitar with ‘Harmonica Man’ Robert Cowan. The production brings forward the compelling place in time story of a woman losing her gambler fiancé who was shot in a card game on a riverboat on the Mississippi. The second release “Remember that Song” is a song of  regret, longing and the `reality of life, originally a cut on Ken’s first solo album “The American Music Show”. That song is a duet with author, singer, songwriter Mark C. Jackson. The production gives a nod to country music’s iconic duets. Ken felt the song strong enough to go  back into the studio and produce a version of the tune to fit a solo performance.

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