Jacqueline Hurst, the UK’s leading life coach, has released a new book she hopes will inspire people to change. Through her classes, she aims to give people the tools to live a better life.

Jacqueline Hurst has lived an extraordinary life. She struggled from the age of 15 to 25 with various addictions, eating disorders and depression. But at her lowest point in life, Jacqueline realised she had a choice. From age 25 onwards, Jacqueline had a mission to educate herself about her mind and emotions so she could live her best life. She acknowledges that education on mental and emotional health isn’t widespread. And so her journey spurred her to educate others and equip them with tools for a happier life.

Not having many of the luxuries that others take for granted, she started with a website and only a laptop. Eventually, this grew into her becoming the leading life coach in the UK, working with huge brands and celebrities as well as being an author for GQ Magazine.

Life coach Jacqueline tells her clients the truth-something that other people may not. She helps people see the downside of hurting themselves and challenges any belief that’s bad for them. Jacqueline has helped many clients recover from self-doubt and reclaimed their sense of self. She encourages her clients to act from love rather than fear and guides them in finding the right path forward for themselves.

Since the publication of her book – How to do you, Jacqueline would love to work in the United States and offer classes and workshops on how to live fulfilling lives. She also wants to teach more people about becoming life coaches through The Life Class school which she founded. The Life Class allows her to teach and give out her tools for life, thus enabling people to go out and help others. Jacqueline describes this as a wonderful pebble effect that feels amazing for her to be a part of. Jacqueline’s goal is to teach lessons about life and impart tools in order to help millions, not just thousands.

How To Reach Jacqueline Hurst:

Website for private coaching:  www.jacquelinehurst.com

Website for her courses:  www.thelifeclass.com

Email: jacqueline@j-hurst.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jhurstcoaching/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Jacqueline_hurst_/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacqueline-hurst-83a35628/

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