Singapore content marketing specialist John Teoh feels that content marketing is going to thrive in the post pandemic era, as the long drawn pandemic is compelling more and more businesses to look at digital means to reach out to their target audiences and market their products.  Says Teoh, “In this new paradigm agility will be of the essence. Brands and content marketers will have to focus on the way consumers behave, pre-empt their requirements and reach them the right kind of content, just when they need it.”

The focus accordingly will shift to things like webinars, videos and holistic community building efforts.  The content experience should be nothing short of stellar and one may see AI being leveraged for that. One will really have to stay a step ahead of the competition in leveraging these tools.  One has got to give one’s target audience a human experience by letting them feel that the brand is nothing but an expression of their desires.

Engagement through participation is the key here and that can happen by providing one’s target audience with innovative experiences.  If one can do that one will be able to win one’s target audience’s trust and have them lap up one’s products and services ultimately.  The other thing to pay attention to is to appear genuine and provide content that has context and meaning for the target audience and shouldn’t sound platitudinous.

In the ultimate analysis content marketing is about understanding what one’s customer connects with on an emotional basis and convey that one’s brand provides them with just that. This can happen only with intelligent and prescient understanding and outreach.