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 Secret Body Las Vegas, a medical spa, is now accepting bitcoin payments using the Bitpay Network. It’s intended to enable faster transactions among guests as payments will be processed seamlessly.

Secret Body Las Vegas, the Leaders in Coolsculpting, are now accepting Bitcoin on the Bitpay Network. The medical spa partnered with payment processor Bitpay, which enables guests to purchase VIP Packages with Bitcoin online.

The Bitpay Network is reportedly a much better system than cash or card because payments are quick, secure and private.

Secret Body Las Vegas’ manager Kate Roberton said, “We are committed to innovating the modern-day guest experience as leaders of the Las Vegas body contouring industry. We are embracing the opportunity to accept Bitcoin as a way to deliver convenience and a first-class experience for our guests.”

“Secret Body Las Vegas’ partnership with Bitpay allows us to cater to our tech savvy customers’ needs by offering an innovative form of payment that’s both seamless and secure,” Robertson said.

To learn more about Secret Body Las Vegas and/or how you can pay with Bitcoin call 702-564-1982 to RSVP to their summer event August 07, 2021 from 10am to 3pm. The world’s number one, non-invasive fat removal treatment called Coolsculpting Las Vegas will be featured at the free CoolSculpting Las Vegas event, open to the public, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Secret Body Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada. Those who attend can enter to win a free treatment, qualify for exclusive specials, as well as enter a drawing to win a CoolSculpting treatment. Reservations are suggested for this CoolSculpting Las Vegas event. Secret Body Las Vegas will be offering champagne and hors d’oeuvre. Call Secret Body at 702-564-1982 to RSVP.

About Coolsculpting

CoolSculpting® Las Vegas is a non-invasive treatment that directly targets diet- and exercise-resistant bulges. Since fat cells are more sensitive to cold than surrounding skin and tissue, fat cells are “frozen” beneath the skin and gradually metabolized by the body. CoolSculpting Las Vegas is not a weight loss procedure, but can yield visible fat reduction of 20 to 25 percent per session. Optimal results will take a few months to appear. Provided that a patient maintains his or her weight following a successful treatment, results are long lasting. Ideal candidates are in overall good physical health and close to their ideal weight. Coolsculpting Las Vegas is ideal for people who don’t want to get more invasive fat removal options but are concerned with areas of exercise-resistant fat around their thighs, abdomen or love handles. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution.

CoolSculpting works by precisely, and in a controlled fashion, delivering cooling to fat cells under the skin. Fat cells freeze at higher temperatures than surrounding tissue. Once treated with CoolSculpting, the fat cells crystallize, freeze, then die. The body naturally processes the fat and eliminates the dead cells over time.

Some patients need only one in-office CoolSculpting procedure, while others might need more. But once the fat cells are frozen and eliminated by the body, they’re gone for good.

About Secret Body Medical Spa Las Vegas

Secret Body is among a handful of CoolSculpting practices in the nation to achieve Club 10,000 in recognition of performing over 10,000 treatments. Secret Body specializes in the fat-freezing treatment called Coolsculpting. Secret Body’s luxury medical spa is 100% non-surgical. The company strives to incorporate the elements of a luxury spa. Chairs and tables are covered in soft, warm blankets with pleasing colors. Soothing music is played in the background in an atmosphere of calm and quiet. The staff includes a highly trained team of certified Coolsculpting technicians and medical assistants with years of experience, with supervision by a plastic surgeon, working together for maximum results for each client.

Secret Body Medical Spa

2810 Bicentennial Parkway

Henderson, Nevada 89044

702.564.1982 |

Secret Body Las Vegas Coolsculpting Clinic

Kate Robertson


Text us at 702-773-2738


Club 10,000

Club 10,000

In recognition for performing over 10,000 Coolsculpting Treatments in Las Vegas.

Secret Body Las Vegas featured in the Four Seasons Las Vegas Brochure

Coolsculpting Certified Practice in Las Vegas


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