Dr. Faye Snyder, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Originator of the Casual Theory, Founder of the Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation (PaRC), and author of The Manual: The Definitive Book on Parenting and the Casual Theory, was recently selected as Top Psychologist of the Year for 2021 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP)

Dr. Faye Snyder, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Originator of the Casual Theory, Founder of the Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation (PaRC), and author of The Manual: The Definitive Book on Parenting and the Casual Theory, was recently selected as Top Psychologist of the Year for 2021 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) for her outstanding leadership, dedication, and excellence in Psychology.

While inclusion with the International Association of Top Professionals is an honor in itself, only a few members in each discipline are chosen for this distinction. These special honorees are distinguished based on their professional accomplishments, academic achievements, leadership abilities, other affiliations and contributions to their communities. All honorees are invited to attend the IAOTP’s annual awards gala at the end of this year for a night to honor their achievements. www.iaotp.com/award-gala

Faye Snyder, PsyD, is a clinical and forensic psychologist and marriage and family therapist, who is the founder and clinical director of the non-profit Parenting and Relationship Counseling Foundation (PaRC) in Mission Hills, California, where she trains a dozen interns at any one time in clinical and forensic psychology. “Dr. Faye is unassuming, but tough. We are learning things we didn’t learn in school, and our professors and cohorts often ask us where we are doing our internship.”

Dr. Faye has introduced back into her field the controversial theory that adult behavior is entirely born in early childhood experiences. “The Causal Theory encompasses the best of our research in a field that is fragmented. We need a unified field theory of psychology. An overview changes the way we look at patients and escalating social issues. It is more scientific and encompassing than competing micro-theories, and it informs better parenting and therapeutic treatment,” says Dr. Snyder. “Genes for behavior were not found by the Human Genome Project. The fat lady has sung.”

Dr. Snyder is a mediator and forensic evaluator, teaching criminal and risk assessment to her interns, who work with court referrals, as well as the public. He agency takes court referred students in domestic violence, co-parenting issues of contentious divorced couples, and treats mild to severe mental health complaints. “My interns treat most mental health issues, especially failed attachments, childhood trauma, broken families, bullying, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD). We also educate families in relationship skills and parenting for greatness.”

Snyder received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1972 from New York State University. Upon studying sociology at New York University, she became interested in psychology and obtained her master’s degree in marriage, family and child therapy, from the California Graduate Institute/Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 1988. She completed her necessary credentials for her doctorate in clinical psychology from the pioneering Ryokan College of Psychology in 2005.

Dr. Snyder is the originator of The Casual Theory, a progressive and controversial theory based on cause and effect. It finds that there are very few genetically driven origins for behavior for humans in general and none for individual traits. She holds that humans have the inherited abilities to recognize emotions at birth. “We have inborn drives that include the need to attach and to love and to be loved. We have the inborn abilities to recognize parental attitudes and perceive very early in life, from how we are treated, what we are worth,” says Snyder. “How we behave and solve problems come from inevitable lessons of experience.”

Snyder also reports that the newly discovered mirror neurons lead humans to adapt to the environment into which we were born. Snyder holds that little humans are born with a drive to imprint young and re-enact later. She says children are born curious about their environment and others, with a need to grow and learn our inevitable lessons from sitting up to running, from speaking with good grammar or slang, and from communicating to withholding. How parents address these drives in our childhood determines our individualized type of thinking, our endeavors in adulthood, and ultimately, the nature of our society.

This year Dr. Faye will be considered for a feature article in TIP (Top Industry Professionals) Magazine and for the prestigious Lifetime Achievement award given by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP). As an active member in the field of psychology, Dr. Faye maintains affiliations with the American Psychological Association, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, the National Association of Anger Management, the California Coalition on Sex Offending, the International Psychohistory Association and local organizations.

The President of IAOTP, Stephanie Cirami, stated “Choosing Dr. Faye for this award was an easy decision for our panel to make. She is brilliant at what she does, has tremendous foresight and is talented beyond measure. Dr. Faye is humble and gracious, we felt she would make an amazing asset to our organization. We are looking forward to meeting her at the gala.”

In addition to her thriving career, Dr. Faye is the author of seven books on parenting and assessment. She is awaiting approval to publish her most recent book, titled I, Thou, about relationship skills, expected to be released this year. Her books are available for purchase on her website or Amazon.com. They include The Manual: The Definitive Text on Parenting and The Causal Theory; The Predictor Scale: Predicting and Understanding Behavior according to Critical Childhood Experiences; The Search for the Unholy Grail: The Race to Prove that Behaviors and Personality Are Inherent; The Politics of Memory: When One Is Instructed to Shut the Eyes; ADHD: A Diagnosis in DenialHealing Your RAD Child: Facing the Fear of Vulnerability in Treatment of a Child with Reactive Attachment Disorder; and Co-Parenting: Healing in the Courts; .

Looking back, Dr. Faye attributes her success to her perseverance, her compelling passion for helping families of high conflict, her hard-learned insights, and her “nerve” to challenge conventional thinking. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and traveling. For the future, now 76, Dr. Faye races to get the word out, concerned she is running out of time. “I’m not done yet,” she insists. She hopes to leave behind enough information and therapists to take up the baton: “Parents deserve to know how important we are and that our children and legacy depend on it”.

For more information on The Causal Theory, PaRC offers a 16-hour course online by Dr. Faye. Please visit: www.theparcfoundation.com and www.drfayesnyder.com


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