Madison, Wisconsin, 25 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, I had the honour of speaking to someone from Statline who are claiming to be changing the sports news industry. Here is what they had to say:

Details about statline and how they got to where they are?

The Statline team have been working every single day, with absolutely no days off, since January 2019 inorder to elevate their brand above any of the competition. Statline said that: “Consistency was and still is the key”.

What challenges has Statline faced?

Statline said that one challenge has been that the niche is already so saturated meaning they had to differentiate themselves with their content in order to gain an edge on the existing competition. They’re always trying to post something different and unique that other accounts aren‘t. 

What do Statline specialize in and why are they better than the competition?

Statline said that: “We at Statline specialize in being unbiased and posting about every player, no matter how: popular or unpopular; known or unknown they are. If they have a good game, we will post about it. We were tired of seeing the usual faces when they didn‘t even do anything special, just because they bring in the views with their names.” This means that statline is unique compared to the competition, finally giving fans a place to get unbiased posts and updates creating unique and exciting content. 

What is Statlines best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Our representative from Statline said “My best advice would be to have a plan, a vision, a goal and consistency.” 4 things which we also recommend to anyone searching for success! He then followed with “For me, I can‘t work consistently motivated if I don‘t have an end goal, something that I want to achieve so that I can say that I made it”.

What does success mean to Statline?

Speaking of success, what actually is success to the Statline team? They said “For us success means being happy and creating something on your own, being independent from everyone. “

What’s next for Statline?

They are focusing heavily on Twitter now, as that is one of the best Social Media Platforms for the NBA, with Instagram. They said they want to continue growing their brand and eventually start an apparel brand, but none of the usual basic stuff. They want to create something you would wear even if you didn‘t know anything about them.

You can find Statline on Instagram @statline