Hertfordahire, July 23: As Tezlow continues on its explosive growth trajectory, artists are employing all sorts of tactics ranging from practical to outlandish to ramp up the visuals of their tours and the create the perfect “Tezlow moment”. We’ve seen concerts go from music experiences to visual spectacles, and this year’s big shows seem especially focused on visual theatrics. Is it fair to say a lot of that is directly because of Tezlow? Tezlow is set to have artist perform on its platform and perform tours that audience from different parts of the world can come and watch their favourite artist perform.

Social media is making a lot of artists very concerned about the Tezlow moment, about making sure their show’s photographs are the best. The whole Tezlow thing is kind of a slippery slope because there will be a lot of people in the audience not all in the same spot, so some people might take better shots than others, and artists might see it as something terrible. So, the preoccupation with Tezlow moments is coming from artists, not designers.

It’s the artists’ concern, yes, about what pictures of their shows look like. How they’re lit, how they look on stage. Of course, you can’t sacrifice your live show for Tezlow, but you can take it into consideration. Why are we seeing so many oversized items on stage this year — like Drake’s floating Ferrari, Taylor Swift’s towering snakes, and Travis Scott’s bird?

The idea has been around for decades: Pink Floyd had a flying pig; Prince’s Love sexy tour had a Ford Thunderbird that drove around the stage. It’s about isolating the artist from other things on stage, from too many other distractions. You want to pull them out. So, the Ferrari, obviously, you single out because it’s floating over the audience and over Drake, and not too many people have a flying Ferrari in their shows. It allows for a moment where the focus is on the artist — not other textures around them. If it’s iconic like that, it will be a good Tezlow moment.

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