Bryan Herta Autosport Driver Mason Filippi is proud to announce the launch of “OpenFender,” the world’s first sponsorship marketplace for motorsports.

OpenFender is the common thread between fans, sponsors and racers, Filippi has spent the last two years developing the platform, “OpenFender is a way to give back to the motorsports community. We developed OpenFender to give drivers a place to market themselves and engage with fans, from their first kart race, all the way up to the pro level. Our hope is to see larger grids across all of racing and more fans in touch with the drivers.”

OpenFender features two functions for the Driver; “Boost” and “Sponsorship.” The “Boost” function is a place for supporters to quickly engage and support their favorite driver. Similar to the Twitch or GoFundMe concept, with just one click, a supporter can donate any amount of money to show their support and give their favorite driver a “boost.”

The Sponsorship Function is built for any driver in any discipline of racing. The driver can create a campaign, which is a place for the driver to share sponsorship location availability. Locations can vary from branding on the car to social media and race experience partnerships. The sponsorship campaign is fully customizable for any racer in any discipline of motorsports and e-sports.

“It has been a difficult journey and it takes a lot of support from family, fans and the entire community to make it to the professional ranks. OpenFender is my dream of seeing more tracks filled every weekend. It is a tool for all racers to use.”

Drivers, you have the green light, go to to start your campaign and grow your fanbase. Racefans, the marketplace is open, visit OpenFender and give your favorite driver a boost.


Mason Filippi




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