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Mayyan is announcing the launch of a search engine that aims to turn every search into a social impact effort, by giving 30% of their revenues to non-profits with a mission to benefit Africa. Mayyan is available on desktop PCs and Android and IoS mobile devices, as well as through Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions, to smoothly change users’ habits.

Chief Executive Officer Toure Moussa says site visitors will be able to search in much the same manner as on Google or Firefox. Results are provided by Microsoft Bing.

The goals align with three of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set by The United Nations: to reduce global hunger with agriculture, ensure access to water through boreholes, and ensure availability of electricity for homes, schools and hospitals. These are core needs that Moussa has demonstrated committed to for much of his adult life. “More than 40 million people are in jeopardy of starvation across Africa,” Moussa says, “and more than 300 million people lack safe drinking water, as well as 600 million people living without electricity.”

Mayyan generates revenue per click on advertising and searches that are encrypted end-to-end, and their user behavior analysis comes from a privacy-friendly software.

Mayyan is inviting nonprofit organizations to partner with them and become part of the Mayyan network. The objective is to collaborate with nonprofits prepared to extend their actions to Africa’s 54 countries. “We’re presently seeking partners who have enough visibility, conduct service initiatives with measurable KPIs, and demonstrate a social dedication that enables people to be self-sufficient,” Moussa says.

Mayyan will provide mapping of both completed and future projects, as well as total transparency regarding funds collected and directed to nonprofit partner organizations.

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