Since 1999, Infinity Solar, Inc. has grown to be a full-service electrical, home automation lighting, and solar installation company.

Infinity Solar aims to deliver the highest quality solar panel systems and home battery systems while maintaining safety and continuous communication with their customers. 

Intending to earn the client’s confidence and satisfaction, Infinity Solar provides energy solutions that satisfy every day and the most complex needs. Infinity Solar, Inc. takes pride in providing the best technology available and the highest level of custom-designed solar and electrical solutions in southern California since 1999.

Owners Tim and Robyn Polujancewicz started as an independent electrical contractor and therefore Infinity Solar has a solid foundation in comprehensive home and industrial solar systems.

The company partnered with LG to ensure a premium solar panel installation in Orange County, CA. Infinity Solar also offers certified Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Home Solar Battery  installation. Their Home Battery System Installation consists of a rechargeable battery that allows owners to store electricity for solar panels when utility rates are the lowest. With Infinity Solar, Inc., a premium experience is guaranteed. 

With Infinity Solar, Inc., the process of enjoying the benefits of having a clean, renewable, and sustainable energy power is very straightforward, as it follows a 3-step process. 

It starts with the prospective client requesting a service. A consultant and design team will assess the property, gather installation details, and design a customized solar system to optimize the client’s investment. Then, a company’s technician inspects the site to ensure the custom-designed solar system fits your property and needs. Finally, the installation process begins. 

The best designers design every solar electric system to ensure the client obtains the highest performance in their properties. Each service includes high-performance solar panels, inverters, racking, and a monitoring system for personal analysis. 

As a company committed to providing the best solar panel installation services, Infinity Solar takes care of every aspect of the installation process, so the client doesn’t have to. From design and engineering approval, city permits, HOA, final inspection, and utility connections. Infinity Solar, Inc. even offers financing options for residents in Orange CTY, CA, to experience a hassle-free and affordable solar experience. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the company and its solar panels and home battery  installation services can contact them through their website at Infinity Solar, Inc. is happy to offer a free quote for residents in Orange County, CA, to start their solar projects. 

Contact Name: Tim Polujancewicz (Owner) 


About Infinity Solar

Infinity Solar, Inc. has been serving the electrical and solar needs of Southern California Homeowners with the highest level custom designed solar and electrical solutions.