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Based in Katy, TX, MVI-Construction is an interior and exterior construction company dedicated to remodeling and new constructions. This company provides detailed information about every step of the construction or remodeling process to its clients.

MVI Construction delivers on every remodeling or new construction project a fantastic experience by using top-quality materials. Their team of professionals adheres to the highest standards of the industry all the time. 

One of the top services that MVI-Construction provides is commercial and residential roofing services in Katy, TX. The company is fully capable of repairing and replacing the roofing of structures seriously damaged due to hail, freezes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

MVI-Construction offers roofing inspections regardless of the scope and scale of the project; their experts come to your house and check for any issues without any obligation. They will walk you through all the findings to make sure you fully understand your roof’s situation.

MVI-Construction also offers exterior remodeling services. Unlike remodeling contractors in Katy, TX, MVI-Construction has a solid background in the industry and years of experience providing exterior renovation services. 

The process that they have implemented allows their clients to feel supported and guided on what is the best look and materials they should use for your renovation project. This company also offers interior remodeling services. They have a team composed of experts in every facet of home remodeling; they ensure that every project is done with excellence. 

Some of the services they provide for interior remodeling are kitchen, bathroom, and living room remodeling. The quality of the materials they use makes the quality of their projects outstanding in the industry.

MVI-Construction is a high-rated company due to their attention to detail, communication, and customer service. Most of their clients coincide with their capacity to listen, their responsibility, and the level of professionalism that they have experienced when receiving the service. 

If you are interested in exterior or interior remodeling or construction, MVI-Construction offers residential and commercial renovation services. They have several reviews from their previous clients who highlight their professionalism and top quality.

About MVI Construction

MVI Construction is an interior and exterior remodeling company that also offers roofing services for both residential and commercial clients.