Dumbroff suggested listening closely to what your date is looking for down the road. “If you find yourself on a date with a person who tells you they are not interested in a long-term relationship, believe them and move on.” She continued, “You don’t have to spend months (or years) of your life making them your project, or thinking you will be the one who finally changes their mind, only to be disappointed in the end.”

She also explained the significance of seeking romantic partners who fit your criteria. It is best to make proactive decisions about the status of the relationship in the beginning. She explained, “It is much more difficult to end a relationship if you have developed strong feelings for someone, than to just go in a different direction when you first learn that you differ on deal breaking issues.”

The same rule applies to establishing sexual preferences early on. “If sexual preferences are not discussed beforehand, it may lead to problems later on,” she warned.

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Wendi L. Dumbroff is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice in Madison, NJ, where she specializes in individual, family, couples, and sex therapy. She is a highly trained couple and sex therapist who provides a safe, non-judgmental, and sex-positive environment.

Dumbroff has extensive experience counseling individuals, families, and couples, around many different matters including; infidelity, lack of communication, depression, anxiety, and all aspects of sexual issues. Highly intuitive, she honors the perspectives of each person in the room; she deeply believes therapy is a very courageous choice and a key to understanding un-useful patterns, which repeat in relationships.

Additionally, Dumbroff is a certified teacher of mindfulness and meditation which are skills she brings into her therapy practice. To see more of Wendi’s media coverage, please click https://wendidumbrofftherapy.com/press/.

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