Shiv K. Deegwal also known as iShivax™️was born in Jaipur on August 17, 1989. He was the second children born to the Deegwal family. In his family his Father, mother, sister and grandfather was there,when he was 2.5 year old his father passed away, after that his grandfather and his mother raised him. He completed his schooling from St Joseph’s and KV (KendriyaVidyalya).He was very much interested in computers from his childhood, so he did Bachelor in Computer (BCA) Applications from S.S. Jain College, Jaipur and developed his interest in computers knowledge.

Business Career & Achievements

Early Career:-

• Since the age of 5 year Shiv K. Deegwalwas immeasurable at computers, and atthe age of 12-14 years he started transforming the operating systems of Microsoft.

• When he was studying in school in 2006,Shiv started learning hardware also, and sometime he used to bunk the school, to learn and repair computer hardware, and he used to fix BSNL internet service as a part time.

• He works on various things where he can help you in building and reforming any product into a smart product that can be commanded from anywhere through the internet.

• He also worked in the gym; the trainer pointsto a company namedRegeno where he sold many nutrition products.

• Most of the ideas come to his mind when he sleeps. He makes up his mind before sleep that he will make something new and unconventional and then nature helps him and he got new ideas and technology in his spirit and then he work on them and try to make his dream true.

• Shiv has seen many good and bad times in his career. He started with Geek Cybernetics Pvt ltd in the year 2014 which is closed right now due to some reasons.

• Then he started Applet Cybernetics LP in the USA in the year 2016.

• Then iShivax LLC in the year 2019 in USA and iShivax™️ in India also.

• Currently iShivax is working on a smart car project that can convert any car into a smart car, company name W3 drive Pvt ltd which is about to launch in market so soon.

• Shiv K. Deegwal also worked for Rajasthan government project named RHB Green (Rajasthan Housing Board), with the aim of increasing tree plantation in Rajasthan.

Here is the list of company name which is started by iShivax™️:-

• Geek Cybernetics Pvt Ltd

• Applet cybernetics LP

• Regeno

• iShivax™️ in india

• iShivax LLC in USA

• W3drive PvtLtd(in process)

Here are the lists of Products which are owned by Shiv Deegwal:-

• Lifecode (

• W3Drive (

• Ontheorder (

• software)

• Jaipurtouch (

Here are the lists of till now apps developed& Owned by Shiv K.Deegwal:-

RHB Green


Jaipur Touch (in process)

Know more about iShivax™️

iShivax is one of the best and full service digital agency in India & USA. iShivax provides a creative digital solution to bring your products and services to a wide-ranging public. With iShivax branding and user cantered design, customers are engaged and brand awareness grows. iShivax is passionate about business insight and innovative technology, creative ideas & beautiful designs. For more information kindly visit the company’s website:

Our Exclusive Question and answer session with

Shiv Kumar Deegwal

What makes you get out of the bed in the morning i.e. source of motivation, He appraised that;

A fairly good question I would say that the mindset to achieve day by day and lead our company to new heights of success is what keeps me motivating. Motivation will come automatically from self-pressure to achieve your dream and resolution. In my opinion the best source of motivation is setting your aims, chasing them, and achieving those goals with 100 % perfection.

How many hours a day do you spend for your work on an average?

When I started my career, I worked in a BPO, and I was doing my own work too as computer assembling, making new computers that time I used to work 16-17 hours of work from Monday to Sunday. After starting my company, I think the average is still close, as there is still a lot of onwards. As an entrepreneur, I work for almost 8-9 hours in a day but my mind its 24 hours, and yes as an entrepreneur you have to be ready for 24*7 so that your work goes on continuously.

How do you generate new ideas?

I don’t think there is a process of creating new ideas. The idea is useless unless executed hence I love executing new ideas. First learn from your mistakes, launch it, and make it a super hit. A brilliant tip would be to do things in a hasty manner for generating new ideas.

What is the strategy that you believe has helped you to grow as a person?

I would say that first my family they supported me very well then my sharp eye to identify opportunities, my interests and act swiftly upon them has been one of the major things which have helped me develop as a person.

What piece of advice would you give to newcomers who want to grow as an entrepreneur?

The only one instructionI would like to provide to the newcomers who wanted to become a successful entrepreneur is that “Come out of your Schools andCollege syllabuses – Explore the internet because Education is free now days. Take as much as you can! “. You should always remember that success does not come overnight. To this, I would also add that do not focus on money initially, rather go for value creation and creating something durable.






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