Vision provides guidance and permits us to oversee our lives, allowing us to achieve our objectives and fulfill our purpose. We must have a clear vision of where we want to be in the future in order to grasp what has to be done in the present. Life will become simpler and more meaningful once you realize that vision and purpose. However, in a world where society tells you to go after fleeting pleasures—will it be possible to focus on things that last and genuinely matter?
Rickie Bowser, a Brooklyn native who grew up in an area where drugs, alcohol, sex, sports, wealth, and materialism are considered gods. He once craved for the worldly influences of these things—yet in his desire for fortune and power, he found no satisfaction. Until he found God and yearned to know him more. In his book, “Visionary Power: The Power of a Successful Visionary,” he presents a paradigm shift that will lead readers to seek out the vision of God for their lives.
Bowser writes through experience. This book is full of biblical insights, wisdom, and empowerment. It is a combination of inspiring biblical passages and real-life events that everyone can relate to. Bowser wrote it so that people could understand how vision can be employed in their daily lives while bringing the reader closer to God. It brings the reader closer to his words while assuaging any concerns they may have about them. More significantly, the book corrects many of the erroneous beliefs that keep Christians from experiencing God’s blessings. The book will help anyone who has a misaligned mindset or a worldly view.
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Visionary Power: The Power of a Successful Visionary
Author: Rickie Bowser
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: June 2021
Book Genre: Religious & Spirituality, Christian Book
About the Author:

Rickie Bowser grew up in Brooklyn, New York. He believes God ordained his life for him before the foundation of the world. When he looks at his life, and at who he is, it is based on what God hid inside of him, and how powerful God’s word is too, and for him.

Would Rickie have chosen a life of addiction, if he was God for his life; a life of destruction and chaos; he doesn’t think so. His mother believed that if he would go to church that something good would happen for him, she herself didn’t even go, but she believed that if he went, his life would be changed. She was right; this is how God was able to grow His word in him without Satan knowing; He hid His word in him before the foundation of the world.

Rickie Bowser’s understanding of this! is why he is able to write this book called “Visionary Power: The Power of a Successful Visionary,” because it was a gift given to him by his heavenly father, to use as a road map, from his past, through his present, and into his future.

Enjoy as you read the first of many books, Rickie Bowser believes God has given him the gift to write to encourage, and to help propel people into their destiny; for their lives are not mistakes, but purposeful lives, predestined for greatness. Rickie is a witness of this; a light shining in the darkness. There is a true light that lights everyone who comes into the world.