Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jul 16, 2021 (  – The arena of the online marketplace is constantly evolving beyond national boundaries. While talking about UAE and GCC, DesertCart turns out to be one of the leading international shopping portals. It has elevated the middle-east B2C e-commerce to the next level of conquest by launching its e-commerce operations in more than 164+ countries worldwide.

With more than Seven years of prominence in the global market, Desertcart has revolutionized the way the e-commerce industry functions. This online marketplace employs different models in providing customers with services of cross-border products. The marketing endeavour of Desertcart includes the sourcing of multi-category products from wholesalers/suppliers based in the USA, UK, India, UAE & GCC countries.

Desertcart is one of the most secure and reliable e-commerce portals that deliver services to customer’s doorstep at a fixed price without any hidden charges. To make the whole online shipping an effortless experience, Desertcart also offers the convenience of a mobile shopping app that has search features for quick access to products by adding keywords.

Desertcart International Merchant Program:

This B2C e-commerce portal of Desertcart is now launching an International Merchant Program. This merchant program is exclusively for those local merchants/suppliers who want to access the International market through a single online portal. Currently, merchants/suppliers from the USA, UK, India, UAE & GCC countries can participate in this program. It is a one-stop solution to extend the businesses on an International scale without putting in much effort. One of the most effective selling programs, International Merchant Program comes along with a plethora of benefits including:

  • A single platform to sell Internationally ie. to more than 164+ countries without any hassle
  • Access more than 11mn+ international customer base
  • Receive payments directly to the merchant’s bank account
  • Merchant training program & personal assistance
  • Dedicated merchant service team to solve all the queries
  • Strategic marketing programs to help grow the local online business

The CEO of Desertcart, Rahul Swaminathan puts it, ‘We are actively servicing customers in more than 164+ countries and merchants who registered to sell through us would have access to sell in all of these countries. We have 5 warehouses in 5 different regions ie. US (NH, DE), UK (London), India (Mumbai) & UAE (Dubai). Any merchant from these regions or can deliver the products to our warehouse in these regions can be a part of Our International Merchant Program.

He further talks about their clientele base, ‘Our goal for year 21-22 is to reach at least 50mn+ customer base. By opting for our International Merchant Program, local merchants/suppliers can reach out to a whole new customer base without any additional charges and without any risk.

The onboarding process for the International Merchant Program is pretty simple, a merchant can use his existing customer account (if any) or can create a new account by visiting and then creating their own store. Desertcart then approves the store after verifying the details. To attain access to the Desertcart International Merchant Program, the required documents are National ID, Trade License or Incorporation Registration Certificate, Tax Certificate, All Business Partners on Trade License ID Cards, and Bank Statement Bearing the Valid Company’s Name along with the Account Number.

The International Merchant Program allows the registered merchants to list their products for sale for the customers’ access through the Desertcart e-commerce portal. The services include API documentation to upload a list of the products or merchants can simply use the .csv template to upload products on the store. The API integration further allows the merchants/suppliers to manage orders, access payment statements, etc. The IT team of Desertcart will assist the merchant members in setting up the API integration. Merchants can import the products, manage the orders, returns, etc. from their Shopify stores as well.

Pricing & Payments: International Merchant Program of Desertcart allows the merchants to determine the price of their products independently. For international selling, they have to provide the Desertcart Team with the final price of the product. The final price must include all taxes and delivery to the preferred warehouse. Desertcart then will add their margin, last-mile cost, and other cost incurred to deliver customers based in any region around the world. Once the product is delivered to the Desertcart warehouse, merchants can request a payment for the delivered products. Payment will be made to the given merchant’s bank account within 5 working days.

The accepted payment currencies at Desertcart international shopping site are- US: USD, UK: GBP, UAE: AE, and India: INR.

International Logistics: Desertcart has 5 warehouses in different regions-US (Delaware), US (New Hampshire), UK (London), UAE (Dubai), and India (Mumbai). The merchants can choose the warehouse as per their geographical convenience. Merchants can save additional spending by avoiding the packaging of items. For the International shipment of products, the warehousing team of Desertcart executes Desertcart branded packaging of ordered items and prepares it for final delivery.

On the receiving of an on merchant panel, merchants only have to prepare it and send it to the preferred Desertcart warehouse. The last mile procedures of international e-commerce selling will be handled by Desertcart. Desertcart offers no returns for the first 3 months. In the case of product return or cancellation or a quality check failure post 3 months, the Desertcart logistic team will arrange pickups for non-deliverable products and customer-initiated returns within twenty-one (21) working days from the date of receiving to the storage facility.

Rahul Swaminathan states, ‘The fundamental approach of the International Merchant Program hints at an all-inclusive solution that caters to all needs for growing the business on a global landscape. This is the ultimate opportunity for the local merchants/suppliers to attain higher revenue by reaching out to international clientele‘.

He further adds, ‘from registering for the program to receiving funds from sales, the whole procedure is extremely secure and straightforward. With accurate documentation and verification, the local merchants from the USA, UK, India, UAE & GCC countries can become our selling partners. Our Dedicated merchant service team will guide the members through all the essential procedures and help them to access an unrestricted marketplace through the portal of our global shopping site.

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