Albuquerque, NM, 15 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Being a glass artist has not stopped Patrick Beck from striving to gain relevance in other areas of life. The young entrepreneur has been in the news for many positive events, including political nominations, business, and music album launches

Patrick Beck is not in the class of persons who were born with silver spoons, but he is unquestionably carving his way to have one as an adult. After his grandfather, Colonel Walter “Mumu” Moore, he was kept in foster care,  with no links to his biological parent. At age 19, Patrick discovered his passion for glass painting and set out on that path.

Today, Patrick’s hard work pays off as he is now a world-renowned glass artist with over 12 years of experience in a wide variety of glass painting and artistry. While blowing glass, Patrick Beck began taking baby steps in the business world and has succeeded in developing coffee production and music brands, among others.

Travelling was also part of the formative activities Patrick Beck undertook. He travelled around the globe, visiting cathedrals, bagging awards for his artistry, and tracing his heritage. Patrick Beck was invited to become an ambassador for Barcelona, giving him an unprecedented level of exposure and contact.  

Patrick Beck proved he was a goal-getter when he invented the warp speed formula after the outbreak of COVID-19 in the United States. It did not look like much of an accomplishment until Patrick’s warp speed formula led to Operation Warp Speed, which eventually led to creating a vaccine for COVID-19 endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Being the grandson of Colonel Walter “Mumu” Moore, who went down in history for his achievements in the Marine Corps, Patrick Beck was nominated to run for President by an officer in the military in 2019. Courtesy of this nomination, Patrick Beck became the youngest presidential nominee in the history of the US.

Patrick Beck believes in smashing goals, and he works by a personal mantra that reads, “Go for your goals and accomplish your dreams. Make America Safe Again.” Recently, he recorded and released two music albums titled “Royal Palace” and a single guitar album, “Arabian Gold.” Both albums are now available on all streaming platforms online.

After an online exchange with Niece Waidhofer, Patrick discovered Niece was born three days after him, and he decided to marry her. Patrick Beck had dropped a comment about Niece saying “trying too hard,” and she responded that he was a glass artist who makes $3500 dragons and sells them online. Niece’s reply went viral, and it got people talking about it. He travelled to Dubai and had an ordained minister join them in holy matrimony.

Patrick has a lot up his sleeves, and he does not plan to rest on his oars. To follow Patrick Beck on his pace-setting mission, visit or or Or Instagram