Doolim, established in 2016, grew 200% in sales within its firts 3 years by designing various colors and materials, and producing high functional fabrics in Korea. The company produces multifunctional comfort textile products that offer far-infrared radiation protection, antibacterial and deodorization functions, UV blocking and body temperature balancing properties.
In addition, Doolim’s cool comfort material manages the body’s moisture and temperature to keep the best comfort and wearability, even after washing. Currently, there are about 10,000 types of functional fabrics with various colors and materials produced by Doolim in Korea.
Specialized products in outdoor clothing brands are produced through post processing with enormous technologies. The company produces ventilating waterproof fabrics, recyclable fabrics and flexible functional fabrics without spandex.
With the boom of well-being and outdoor clothing, the demand for mass produced functional fabric t-shirts has increased.
The company said that it will focus on R&D to continue manufacturing functional fabrics in Korea and abroad.