On July 7, Mikhail Zvyagin celebrated his 90th birthday. The big event was marked by a new painting created by the artist for this very special occasion.

On July 7, 2021, the prominent NYC-based Russian-born artist Mikhail Zvyagin celebrated his 90th birthday. The big event was marked by a new painting created by Zvyagin for this very special occasion. The art logistics company Fine Art Shippers visited the artist in his studio to congratulate him on his birth anniversary and to thank him for many years of collaboration and all the amazing work he has done for the development of contemporary Russian art.

Mikhail Zvyagin (b. 1931) is one of the most celebrated Russian artists of our time. He was born in Leningrad (St. Petersburg) and as a boy witnessed all the horrors of the Second World War and the siege of Leningrad, which would have a big influence on his art.

Mikhail Zvyagin discovered his love for art at an early age when his mother gave him colored pencils, paints, and albums for drawing. After the blockade, the young artist entered the drawing class at the Palace of Pioneers (now the Saint Petersburg City Palace of Youth Creativity), where his teacher was Maria Gorokhova. Later in life, he would study at the Architectural Art and Craft School and the Leningrad Art School named after V.A. Serov where he mastered painting and drafting. In 1962, Mikhail Zvyagin became a member of the Artists’ Union of the USSR.

Throughout his long career, Mikhail Zvyagin has made a great contribution to the development of contemporary Russian art. He showed his incredible talent in almost all genres of painting, from still life to portrait, from landscape to animal painting, from genre painting to works on eschatological and biblical subjects. Zvyagin is also a notable sculptor whose works are installed in many cities around the globe, including on the territory of the Russian Consulate in New York.

Mikhail Zvyagin’s paintings and other artworks are presented in art museums worldwide. The State Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Norton Dodge Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Berlin Wall Museum are just some of the art institutions featuring works by this prominent artist. Many of his paintings are also in a number of private collections in Russia, Western Europe, and the United States.

To celebrate his 90th birthday, Mikhail Zvyagin created a new still-life painting that is now installed in his NYC studio. Even in his old age, the artist continues to paint and share his talent, experience, and inner light with others. Fine Art Shippers, an art logistics company that has been moving fine art for Mikhail Zvyagin for years, had a unique chance to be part of the big event and to congratulate the master on both his 90th anniversary and his new painting that is sure to become an important one in Zvyagin’s legacy. You can learn more about the artist and his amazing art on the official website of Fine Art Shippers.

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