Bell Lifestyle Products was proud to announce the release of their new clear by Bell™ Omega 3 fish oil. “This is an outstanding premium Omega 3 fish oil that has unique properties that sets it apart from other fish oils,” said Doug Carey, Marketing Director for Bell. The clear by Bell™ Omega 3 is unique in that it has an almost clear appearance due to its next generation patented purification that provides a clean fish oil. The purification also has other benefits such as removing the fishy taste and smell ensuring no fishy repeats after taking. Furthermore, it is cholesterol free, ideal for those looking to take the product as part of a healthy heart regime. The fish oil is sourced from anchovies off the coast of Chile and fished in a sustainable way receiving numerous environmental certifications. “What’s great about clear by Bell™ Omega 3 is that we can use it in other products such as our upcoming Heart Formula #5 as a delivery method for heart friendly ingredients while being heart healthy itself,” said Carey. The new clear by Bell™ Omega 3 will be available online directly through Bell Lifestyle Products or at natural health retailers throughout Canada and the U.S.

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