SB strongly condemns university student organisation for beautifying terrorist act


     A spokesman for the Security Bureau today (July 8) strongly condemned a university student organisation for beautifying and treating as heroic the blatant violence of the attacker who attempted to murder a police officer a few days ago. It sternly pointed out that glorifying and advocating for people to mourn the attacker for his lone-wolf terrorist attack is no different from supporting and encouraging terrorism, which goes against humanity and the people. Members of the public must get the facts right and should not be misled by any fallacy.
     The spokesman criticised the student organisation for describing the attacker’s cold-blooded terrorist act as so-called “sacrifice” and offering condolences to him. It confuses right and wrong and is an attempt to deceive members of the public. These words and deeds will only trigger more hatred, send out a severely wrong message to society and make more people imitate the terrorist act of the attacker, thereby seriously endangering public safety. It is even more upsetting and enraging that these words and deeds that turn the truth upside down and mix right and wrong originated from a university. These students, who have received higher education, have failed the expectations of their parents, society and the university. They should be ashamed of their behaviour.
     The spokesman stressed that any person who advocates terrorism or incites the commissioning of a terrorist activity may have breached the offence of terrorist activities under the Hong Kong National Security Law. It is a very serious offence. This clearly reflects the importance of national security education and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government’s supervision over education institutions. Article 9 of the Hong Kong National Security Law stipulates that the HKSAR Government shall take necessary measures to strengthen public communication, guidance, supervision and regulation over matters concerning national security including those relating to schools and universities.

     The spokesman called on the public to discern facts from fallacies and not to condone terrorist violence directly or indirectly; to disassociate themselves from violent behaviour; and not to contribute to the emergence of local terrorism. This is because people who sympathise with violent assailants will easily be radicalised into supporters, who will then easily be turned into participants of terrorist activities. Such a process of radicalisation of terrorism is often seen abroad and different communities have suffered. Members of the public must draw a lesson from them.
     The HKSAR Government will continue to remain vigilant at all times, sparing no effort in preventing and suppressing the emergence of any terrorism in Hong Kong.